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Mansa Keep, Send and Trade Gold

Since 2021, Mansa users have transacted gold directly with each other on the Mansa platform

Mansa is More Than a Gold Dealer, Better Than an Exchange

Invest for Cash Profit

Earn returns from investing in gold, taking advantage of the currently rising gold price

Use Gold as Money

Protect yourself from riba (usury) and the falling value of fiat currencies by using gold as money again

Maximise the Value of Your Gold

Maximise the value of the gold that you produce or already own

Invest for Profit

Use Gold as Money

Maximise the Value of the Gold that You Produce or Own

Mansa An Effective Price Spread of 2%*

*2% or less

Among the Lowest Anywhere

How Mansa works
Our Competitors
How platforms other than Mansa work

Unlike other platforms, the Mansa marketplace lets you trade directly with other users. There is no dealer, agent or broker for you to pay a commission when you buy or sell. Everything is online. This is how we keep the cost low and we pass the savings to you.

More Reasons to Switch to Mansa

We are making gold money again

About Us

Who Should Join Mansa?

Users and Investors seeking to escape riba and increase their net worth

Businesses and merchants seeking to keep their capital in gold, an appreciating asset

Gold Producers and bullion owners seeking the highest value for their gold

Start seeing profit as soon as the gold price rises over the effective spread (2% or less)

You can test Mansa with RM10 or less. Increase your investment whenever you are ready. Sell your gold and cash out anytime.

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