What if you could keep inflation from eroding your wealth?

With Mansa, you could.

More Value

Keep your wealth in gold

In these uncertain times, physical gold offers the ultimate hedge against the falling value of fiat currencies. Mansa stands out as an Internet Investment Gold (IIG) provider that allows you withdraw your gold.

Transact with gold

Unlike other gold investment platforms where the gold you buy is stagnant, Mansa allows you to make transfers to friends and family. You can even make and receive payments with gold based on current market prices.

Trade P2P

P2P means "Peer-to-Peer". Unlike other gold investment platforms where you trade only with one party that invariably has high fees and large price spreads, Mansa is designed for you trade directly with other users, which allows you to buy lower and sell higher than market prices.

About Us

Why Mansa?

It's about protecting your wealth, not taking from it

It used to be that when you buy gold, you lose 4% to 10% on fees and spreads and your gold is not liquid until you sell it. Now with Mansa, you retain up to 99% of the value. What's there not to like?

Either protect your wealth or continue lose out to the big price spreads. Or keep your wealth in fiat currencies that over time lose their value just... like... that.

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