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Since 2021, Mansa users have transacted gold directly with each other

Mansa An Effective Price Spread of 1.4%*

Among the Lowest Anywhere

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How Mansa works

Unlike other platforms, Mansa is a marketplace where you trade directly with other users. There is no dealer, agent or broker for you to pay a commission when you buy or sell. Everything is online. This is how we keep our cost low and we pass the savings to you.

*Subject to change

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Mansa Make Gold Money Again

Join us in our mission to make gold money again. That is why the gold on Mansa is solid, physical gold which you can take delivery whenever you want. In these uncertain times, physical gold offers the ultimate safety against the falling value of fiat currencies.

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Mansa Simple and Liquid

In line with our mission, we make buying, selling and owning gold simple and user-friendly. You can buy in fractions and accumulate your gold over time. You can sell anytime and cash out. If you choose to keep your gold with us, We will keep it securely for you with Almost Free Storage.

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Why Mansa?

At Mansa, the price needs only rise over 1.4% for you to profit

Elsewhere, you need to wait for the price to rise probably between 6% and 15% to break even. Doesn't that make Mansa over 10X better?

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